Plug-ins catalogue

Last update: UpgradeFinancialITSystem.xml

A plug-in (or extension) is a component that adds a specific feature to the “core” Handbook, therefore creating abilities which extend or customize the tool. The plug-in should be used to add new features and updates, highlighting emerging areas of interest and providing the users with essential information and key questions needed for an effective planning of IT Audits.

Note: All plug-ins are automatically available in the web version.

# File Reference Description Support Material Version Working Language(s) Date Size
#1 EGovernment.xml E-GOV E-Government and Other Web Services Roll Out EGovernmentDescription.docx 1.0 eng, spa fre ara 2023-05-24T07:23:44.076Z 306.11 KB
#2 LandRegistry.xml LAND Land Registry Automation (not available) 1.0 eng, spa fre ara 2023-05-24T07:23:44.142Z 254.81 KB
#3 OpenDataStrategy.xml OPENDATA Open Data Strategy OpenDataStrategyDescription.docx 1.0 eng, spa fre ara 2023-05-24T07:23:44.212Z 66.36 KB
#4 UpgradeFinancialITSystem.xml UPGRADEFINANCIAL Upgrade of Financial Management IT System (not available) 1.0 eng, spa fre ara 2023-05-24T07:23:44.282Z 79.17 KB

Audit Templates catalogue

A template is a generic document, created by auditors in a SAI or between SAIs, using the tool itself. Can be reused as the basis and preparation of another audit in related domain or domains, since contains specific information pre-filled at pre-assessment level, as well in plan and findings areas. A planning on a risk assessment based selection may be present to give guidance, identifying specific domain or combination of domains (which can include the use of plug-ins), most critical areas and issues.

No audit templates available!